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Embracing Life's Calling: Becoming an Event Planner After the Loss of My Mom.
by Kerrie Bellar

Life has a peculiar way of presenting us with unexpected opportunities, often emerging from the most challenging circumstances. For me, it was the loss of my beloved mother that propelled me into a journey of self-discovery and ultimately led me to embrace a new career path as an event planner. In this deeply personal blog, I want to share my experience of finding solace and purpose amidst grief and how I turned my passion for organizing memorable moments into a fulfilling profession.

Losing my mom was an indescribable blow, shattering my world and leaving me with an overwhelming void. In the initial stages of grief, I struggled to find meaning in life, questioning the very essence of my existence.

As I delved deeper into who my mother was and her passions, I began to uncover my own latent passion for event planning.

Her love for bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences had unknowingly influenced my own interests. The realization that I had inherited her zest for celebration was a transformative moment.

Motivated by my mother's legacy and the spark of newfound passion, I embarked on a journey of self-education. I immersed myself in books, online courses, and workshops on event planning, followed by college training, eager to learn the intricacies of the profession. While grief still weighed heavy on my heart, the pursuit of knowledge provided a sense of direction and purpose, slowly healing my wounded spirit.

With newfound knowledge and a growing confidence, I took my first steps towards establishing myself as an event planner. Initially, I started small, organizing events for friends and family, offering my services pro bono to gain practical experience. As word spread about my talent for creating unforgettable moments, I began receiving requests from acquaintances and referrals, which led to my first paid projects.

Today, as I reflect upon my transformation from a grieving daughter to a thriving event planner, I'm grateful for the challenges I faced. While the void left by my mother's absence will never fade completely, I have learned to find solace in the beauty of the connections I forge through my work. Every event I organize feels like a tribute to her memory, a way to keep her spirit alive.

The path I embarked upon after the untimely death of my mother was filled with sorrow, but it also revealed the transformative power of embracing life's unexpected opportunities. Becoming an event planner allowed me to honor my mother's legacy while discovering my own passion and purpose. It is a constant reminder that even amidst the darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of hope waiting to be discovered.