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Unnecessary Wedding Mistakes

“I saw this venue and just loved it so much, so booked it so no one took our date. I didn’t know it cost that much; I’m panicking as we can’t afford it”

“My dress cost more than I thought, now we don’t money for all our vendors”

“I want to have a videographer but I didn’t know how much they cost so I can’t afford one”

“Mom, we’ll figure out monies once we’ve got some things secured”

“We have our venue, catering, florist, cake, DJ, photographer, bridal party outfits. We don’t have the money for the officiant though.”

We see comments by couples like these regularly, these could have been avoided in the couple had done the first step in Wedding Planning.

Budget Planning. How does a couple figure out their budget? Know your personal finances. We can’t stress this enough!

Once you know what you have to spend then you can work on the next step.

3 Tips for couples.

• Don’t take out credit cards to pay for your wedding.

• Spend only within your budget.

• Prioritize what’s important to you both for your day.

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